On campus, single-room accommodation is available for the entire duration of the LACI for $315 with the linen option for $45. 
Check-in date: 6/25
Check-out date: 7/1 
Full payment is due by May 12

Bechtel Residence Payment 2023 ---> Click HERE!

All rooms are furnished with a desk, desk chair, drawers, closet space, and a bed (with a twin XL mattress) for each resident. Every building on campus requires Caltech ID card access which will be given at your check-in.

All bedrooms are equipped with: data port, WiFi access, and individual climate control. 
Each floor comes with: common area lounges, kitchens, laundry rooms, and study rooms. 

You need to bring your own bedding and toiletries, however the linen set could be purchased and delivered to your room if you choose the linen option. 

Bechtel Residence Payment 2023 ---> Click HERE!

If you're arriving before June 24, please check out these local hotels within 1 mile of the campus: Hotels List