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Required COVID-19 Music House Protocol

Required COVID-19 Music House Protocol 

For questions, please contact:
Cindy De Mesa


  • You may only use the Music House if you have nowhere else to practice. 

  • This will require the pre-authorization of the relevant Director of your instrumental area. 

  • Once the relevant Director has authorized your use of the Music House, Cindy De Mesa will initiate the process of ID card activation for you.


  • For this reason, you will need to reserve your time slot here.

  • You may sign up for a practice session of up to 90 minutes.

  • You will need to leave a 90 minute gap before your time slot. This is to allow for air turnover between practice sessions.

  • You may not bring anyone else with you to the Music House for any reason. Ensemble rehearsal of any kind is not permitted at this time.

  • There may only be up to four rooms in simultaneous use at any given time, with two rooms upstairs and two rooms downstairs in concurrent use at a maximum.

Safety Protocol while in the Music House

We must stress that your compliance with all of the below is required by the Institute

  • On the day of your practice session, you must affirm that you have taken your temperature and are exhibiting no COVID-19 symptoms by filling out the form found here at This is required of anyone who will be inside any facility campus-wide for 15 minutes or more. 

  • You must wash your hands and use the bathroom prior to arrival at the Music House. Please avoid using the common areas (bathroom, kitchen) at all times.

  • Enter the Music House through the front door. 

  • Exit the Music House through the side/driveway door. 

  • If your instrument precludes the use of a mask, you must wear your mask at all times unless actively playing your instrument, and then put the mask back on immediately after playing.

  • When entering and exiting the Music House, be mindful of any other users of the space – continue to maintain a minimum of 6ft distance at all times.

  • You may use only the room you have reserved, and no other rooms in the Music House.

  • If applicable, turn on the air circulation in the room you are using.

  • If absolutely necessary, you may use the kitchen exclusively for the purpose of washing your hands. Do not use the kitchen or either of the bathrooms for any other reason. 

  • We will provide hand sanitizer and Clorox wipes in each practice room, and near the Music House's front and side doors. You must wipe down every shared surface with which you come in contact -- such as door handles, chairs, and stands.

Room Designation by Instrument

  • Singers and wind players may use only Rooms 6 and 7. 

    • Please leave the windows open at all times.

    • If you play a brass instrument, please be mindful of the condensed water you leave behind by bringing a towel to absorb it.

    • When you put your instrument down for any reason, be sure to do so within your own case, and not on any shared surfaces. 

  • Pianists may use the Steinway Room (Room 1) and Room 2. 

    • To protect the piano, please leave the windows closed while you have the stick up. 

    • You must wipe down your hands and the keyboard after using the piano. 

    • Wipe down the keyboard with a Clorox wipe (provided) before using the piano.

    • Close the piano's lid and fallboard completely, and cover it when you are finished.  

  • String players may use Rooms 3, 4, and 5.

    • When you put your instrument down for any reason, be sure to do so within your own case, and not on any shared surfaces. 

Thank you for your compliance!