Friends of the Caltech Glee Clubs

The Men's and Women's Glee Clubs thank our many Friends for their ongoing support.

Contributions to the Friends of the Caltech Glee Clubs are happily accepted at any time throughout the year. Your generous giving helps ensure that the Glee Clubs can continue to offer choral concerts free of charge, and that the undergraduate and graduate students at Caltech can continue to experience the special pleasures of creating and sharing the finest in choral music.

Tax-deductible donations can be made payable and sent to:

Friends of the Caltech Glee Clubs
Performing and Visual Arts at Caltech, Mail Code 2-70
Pasadena, CA 91125

For further information, please contact:

Nancy Sulahian 
Director, Women's Glee Club
M/C 2-70

Friends of the Caltech Glee Clubs, 2009-2010

Benefactors ($500 or more)

Tom and Doris Everhart
Lee McCall
Carol Miller
W.M. Keck Foundation
Moore-Hufstedler Fund
Robert & Joanne Lester

Patrons ($200 - $499)

Srboohie & Mark Abajian
The Caltech Associates
James Drummond
Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund

Supporters ($100 - $200)

Anthony Barre
Jan Dash
Terry Dutton & Mark Jordan
Robert Elgin
Liz & Ron Fortino
Steven & Mie Frautschi
Nancy Miller Hoffman
John Hall & Nancy Lan
Eph Konigsberg
Margaret Marsh
Fran Matzen
Susan Murakami
Louise Shively
Nancy Sulahian
Ward & Mary Lou Whaling
Brian & Victoria Wong


Sponsors ($50 - $99)

George & Prilla Bracket
Noel Corngold
Katheryn A. Feeney
Sandra Karhu
David Kauffman
Kenneth Libbrecht & Rachel Wing
Elisha Mackey
Fabien & Stephanie Malbet
Virginia Mateo
Lynne Nishihara
Richard & Teresa Parsekian
Robert Perpall
Sharon Schara
Rick and Kathabela Wilson


Friends ($25 - $49)

Stanford Briggs
Samantha & Jeremy Ervin
William and Maria Hattick
Laurie King
David Larwood
Marvin Mandelbaum
Skip Nicholson
David Peisner
Connie Rodriguez
Lorian Schaeffer
Henry & Kathleen Tobin
Brian & Victoria Wong

Boosters ($5 - $24)

Robert & Mary Adams
Anne Chomyn