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Leslie Plunkett

Lecturer in Art-Ceramics
Leslie Plunkett
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Caltech, 2019-20.
Leslie Plunkett is a Pasadena native whose passion for art began in her early childhood. She has been teaching art locally in various capacities for over 35 years, beginning at Saint Elizabeth School in Altadena, where she expanded their rudimentary art program to include diverse and advanced media, including ceramics courses. Concurrently, she continued study of ceramics, sculpture, and mold making under Philip Cornelius, Cindy Jackson, and Keiko Fukazawa at Pasadena City College, and began teaching children and adults at Creative Arts Group in Sierra Madre (since 2001).

Leslie began teaching ceramics at Caltech in 2018. Her love of teaching makes her a dedicated and approachable mentor who brings out the best in her students. She has worked with interior designers, has been featured in art galleries and boutiques, and on her days off she produces functional and sculptural works in her home studio.